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Peppercini’s Does What?!

Peppercini’s made a commercial. You’re not going to believe what happens next…

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Pick.Click.Give., and Lunch Is On Us!

Phew, you made it through the holidays, and hopefully your wallet is still mostly intact! After swiping that plastic card or clicking “Order” a few too many times last month, we are lucky here in Alaska to get to exercise our right to apply for FREE DIVIDENDS! Nothing feels better than free money…..besides paying it […]

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Thaw Out & Freshen Up with Peppercini’s Mid-Winter Catering Special!

BRRRRR! When it’s this cold outside, soup at lunch is mandatory, and venturing outside to hunt for it is out of the question. Stay warm in the refuge of your office, and let us bring lunch to you and your staff! Call 907-279-3354 to order!   Peppercini’s Mid-Winter Catering Special: Hot Soup Sandwiches Peppercini’s Signature Wraps Salad Chips Chocolate […]

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Thank Your Customers with Peppercini’s

It’s the time of year to reflect on and appreciate all we have to be thankful for. We here at Peppercini’s sure do have a lot to be grateful for. It’s been a big year for us, with lots of changes and plenty of challenges along the way. One big, exciting change was our addition of wedding catering services. […]

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Fall & Winter Catering Special

Holiday parties are just around the corner! Simplify your planning with this tasty offer! Call or order online. Happy Holidays! Your Friends at Peppercini’s

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Anchorage Venue Cheat Sheet

Pssst. Hey, over here! Got a little something for you… We know how much work goes into researching the perfect venue. We do it all the time. So we started this little cheat sheet to refer to when our customers need help finding the right location in the Anchorage area. We’ll keep it updated as it grows and changes. Hope you […]

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A New Space to Share

As a busy local catering company in Alaska, we receive tons of questions about catering and event planning. So we thought we would start a blog where we can share our most useful tips/tricks/answers to questions/whatever might be useful to everyone/stuff we think is funny/silly sandwich pictures/you get the picture. We hope you find this addition to […]

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