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It’s the time of year to reflect on and appreciate all we have to be thankful for. We here at Peppercini’s sure do have a lot to be grateful for. It’s been a big year for us, with lots of changes and plenty of challenges along the way. One big, exciting change was our addition of wedding catering services. What a fun new catering opportunity that has been! We are always up for a good party, and weddings definitely fill the bill!

We have had some great folks join our team, and we have had some great team members move away, as well. It’s always hard to see people go, but it’s exciting to have new faces and ideas come into our business, too. Our employees are true superstars. Many of them are here at 5 am every day, diligently prepping breakfast catering, while others stay late into the night to cater evening events. These guys are what makes Peppercini’s work, and they are really good at it! We couldn’t do it without them.

But we owe our greatest gratitude to our customers. Customers that we have served for years, and new customers that have come along this past year. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you.

For the past few years, some of our customers have been using Peppercini’s to thank their customers, and we thought it was a great idea to share.

“We have been using Peppercini’s for the last three years to say ‘Thank You’ to our customers. They provide reliable catering service at a great value, with exceptional customer service!”

– Aaron Finney, Shoreside Petroleum


At the request of our customers, we have crafted the perfect snack tray gift package, featuring an assortment of miniature artisan sandwiches and snack wraps. It comes on an attractive tray and is packed with condiments, plates, napkins, and serving utensils. Each tray ‘snacks’ about 15 people. For $39.99, this is a thoughtful and cost-effective way to show your customers how much they mean to you.

While Peppercini’s is always happy to deliver gift orders, most of our customers prefer to pick the orders up to personally deliver to their customers. We’ll leave the choice up to you!

We hope this season finds you with much to be thankful for.

Happy Holidays,

Your Friends at Peppercini’s

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